The Idiot's Array


Otter Chaos

The crew finally gets their ship back and finally gets some Insurants. As well as getting their ship back, Ju’era picks up her new ship, a HWK-290 named the Lonely Lady, from a chop shop. Zol begins the week long repairs helped by Rez in Crazy Otto’s Garage Emporium. In order to get in to the garage, Mahn’dor buys a crate filled with droids. Mahn’dor decides that he wants an astromech. They find one in a shop and buy him in exchange for the crate. This is where they met Buddy , a pistol packin’ r5 unit. When Poro checked the crate, she found that the crate was filled with 20 Battle Droids. The droid salesman didn’t want the droids, so They kept them. As they were returning, Zol noticed a trail of knocked over stuff leading to the computer room. Zol sent Rez to check it out, but was taken away as the door closed. Following it, Mahn’dor and Zol checked the room to find it empty. Poro and Ju’era raced to the scene. Zol noticed the open airduct. Zol goes in as the others walk in. They trace the sound to Ju’era’s old room. Zol sneaks in through the duct while Ju’era, Mahn’dor, and Poro sneak through the front. They find Rilla under the bed. Poro attempts to grab her tail but she rolls out. She knocks Ju’era down with her tail and grabs her glaive on her back. Zol pops out and Rilla points the glaive at him. Ju’era shoots it out of her hand. After Repeated strikes, tail knockdowns and trying to calm her down, Rilla is forced to retreat, We end with Zol angrily storming to the droid crate to check for parts and accidentally activating a Battle Droid.
20 XP


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