The Idiot's Array

The Holocron

20 XP

Side Adventure: Gang Grievances

The Gang helps a local man in the bar.

10 XP

Rez 2: Electric Boogaloo

20 XP

The Mouse Droids

15 XP

Otter Chaos

The crew finally gets their ship back and finally gets some Insurants. As well as getting their ship back, Ju’era picks up her new ship, a HWK-290 named the Lonely Lady, from a chop shop. Zol begins the week long repairs helped by Rez in Crazy Otto’s Garage Emporium. In order to get in to the garage, Mahn’dor buys a crate filled with droids. Mahn’dor decides that he wants an astromech. They find one in a shop and buy him in exchange for the crate. This is where they met Buddy , a pistol packin’ r5 unit. When Poro checked the crate, she found that the crate was filled with 20 Battle Droids. The droid salesman didn’t want the droids, so They kept them. As they were returning, Zol noticed a trail of knocked over stuff leading to the computer room. Zol sent Rez to check it out, but was taken away as the door closed. Following it, Mahn’dor and Zol checked the room to find it empty. Poro and Ju’era raced to the scene. Zol noticed the open airduct. Zol goes in as the others walk in. They trace the sound to Ju’era’s old room. Zol sneaks in through the duct while Ju’era, Mahn’dor, and Poro sneak through the front. They find Rilla under the bed. Poro attempts to grab her tail but she rolls out. She knocks Ju’era down with her tail and grabs her glaive on her back. Zol pops out and Rilla points the glaive at him. Ju’era shoots it out of her hand. After Repeated strikes, tail knockdowns and trying to calm her down, Rilla is forced to retreat, We end with Zol angrily storming to the droid crate to check for parts and accidentally activating a Battle Droid.
20 XP

Good Vibrations!

After a quick visit to the Dex’s Diner, the crew decides to head to the Senator’s apartment to get their earned money. They first into the building, with Poronai Ka Xossh wielding a new VibroChainsaw. They proceed to shoot all the computers and disable any alarms. They make their way to the Senators Apartment. They kill a bunch of dudes. They talk to the senator and they convinced him to give them the money. They leave on a shuttle left outside the window by the dudes they killed.

20 XP Earned

Hot night in the city!

The Crew managed to escape from the balcony by getting a ride from Karr Huuk. While flying away, The crew’s speeder was shot at by Wilfrus’s men. The crew managed to take the speeder down, but they were shot down in the process. They landed on the roof of the Department of Repulsor Vehicles. They meet a stormtrooper who let them in and sold Mahn’Dor some death sticks. They sneak their way out and meet up with Rez, and IG-88, each who took a speeder and bike. They make they’re back to the hotel and rest. In the next few hours, thugs came to their doors and tried to attack them, but ended up fleeing. They call Kar Huuk and head to his “house”, which turns out to be a trap. When more thugs confront them, they burn most alive, shot one, stab one thru the neck and break one’s knee open. They find out it was the Senator that sent the thugs, and the crew intends to pay a visit.

15 XP awarded

Irate, Mad, Annoyed, Cross, Vexed, Irritated

At the party, Mahn’Dor and Zol Hazarous are at the gambling table with Wilfrus, a Karkardon, and an Imperial Officer. Mahn’Dor and Zol convinced Wilfrus to make a simple bet of 1 crates of Insurants for a fancy shuttle. Wilfrus spilled a milkshake off the table and asked IG-88 MB to pick it up. IG proceeded to grab the glass and break it in front of Wilfrus, who then asked to guard to take him away. IG proceeded to knock that man over and then repeatedly punched that man in the face. Zol noticed that IG chestpiece was malfunctioning and it caused him to be inactive. Poro grabbed IG and dragged him outside. Ju’era (Gah’Eju’Era) convinced the party that he was IG-88 the bounty hunter. The party calmed down. IG-88 and Poro later came back in and IG gave a fake apology. Mahn’dor and Zol won the first round of their bet, and Wilfrus asked to raise the stakes. They won again and again until Wilfrus had lost 2 of his shares in his businesses. Wilfrus attempted to grab Mahn’dor and threaten him into gambling again, and when Mahn’dor refused to gamble,Wilfrus sent the guard after them. Mahn’dor, Zol and IG-88 attempted run but only IG succedded but grab Mahn’dor. Mahn’dor’s disguise matrix shorted and revealed himself. Wilfrus, in a rage, ordered the guards to kill him. Zol took advantage of this and threw all the guards down while making his escape. The whole crew reached the balcony but were stuck without a speeder. IG made a leap of the building. Meanwhile, the Imperial Officer walked out a window, made some vague threats and left. We leave our crew, on the balcony with Imperials and Karr’Huuk on their way.

No more honest game then Gambling

The Crew head off to the party, all well dressed in their new fancy outfits. Mahn’Dor used the holographic disguise matrix to disguise himself as a human. (HuMahn’Dor). Upon getting in Ju’era (Gah’Eju’Era) used her charms to trick people into thinking she was a celebrity. The crew entered the party. Mahn’dor and Zol Hazarous headed over to the gambling table to start their plan of taking the money away from Wilfrus. Here they met a Karkarodon named Aphra, and a male blind Imperial officer. Ju’era got Wilfrus drunk and her self in the process. She then did a hand stand in a dress with no bottoms on. The Imperial officer and Poronai Ka Xossh had a quick conversation where he let her know that he knew mahn dor was hiding.

Session 4/5/2017
Let's go Shopping!

So! In this short session, Karr Huuk drops off our crew at the Sheev’s Exalted Veil Resort and Spa to spend the night. The next morning they are told to visit Eucuse Lepus, at the Biscuit Baron that he owns. They meet Eucuse and he tells them that Wilfrus is planning a Black Tie Event. He gives the crew each a ticket and tells them of someone named Sluice Besnorx who has a Holographic Disguise Matrix they can use. Poronai Ka Xossh scarfed down a whole bunch of food in 15 seconds.

Mahn’Dor, IG-88 MB, and Zol Hazarous went to visit Sluice in his shop “Sluice’s Tech and Landspeeder”. In exchange for taking him to his homeworld, he gave them the device.

The crew then preceded to a shopping montage and we ended as they got back to the hotel.


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