Rilla Vannachi

Zol's former handler who's out for revenge


Rilla is a someone who is hunting for Zol, being sent to take him home, alive or not.


“Just imagine my surprise when a hot fuzzy intruder challenges my friend (almost completely) naked in my old room; and she was hiding under my bed no less; the perv! I think I was the only one that felt a little warm, but after showing her who is best at being naked in that room she backed off. Probably intimidated by the feelings I stirred within her, the tease!” -Ju’era on the confrontation between Zol and Rilla

“She infiltrated my dwelling, and doesn’t seem able to be deterred from her quest to capture me. I don’t anticipate our next meeting.” – Zol if asked on the encounter.

Rilla Vannachi

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