The Young Twi'lek Betrayer


The blue skinned Twi’lek found on board the ship The Full Sabbac. After being Rescued, she joined the crew for a short while. Ju’era had trained Reta in the arts of dancing. Reta would eventually join the Pit Fighting Tournament at the Veermok Casino, unbeknownst to the crew. She would use a Vibro Axe to nearly cut off Poronai’s leg during the tournament. After losing the tournament and failing to retrieve Ju’era, she would later be shot in the Back by Ezan Eon in an effort to further hurt and scare Ju’era.


Poronai’s thoughts: Very conflicted. At first I felt sorry and protective of her, having lived a similar life. Now all I feel for her is the cold sting of betrayal, and so I keep my leg visibly ruined as a reminder of that feeling.

Ju’era’s thoughts on Reta and her betrayal: I feel so betrayed, she was just so cute and I thought I could help her. I thought she liked me, I thought she was my friend. Ezan corrupted and killed her like a pawn, I hope he gets what’s coming to him. How many pretty young Twi’leks is he willing to wound or kill just to get to me?


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