Captain Gideon

Leader of the Povanii Starshredders Pirates


The Weequay Captain of the Povanii Starshredders Pirates.

The Crew of the Idiot’s Array first met him on a captured Interdictor Class Star Destroyer. His Original Intent was to rob the crew before IG-88G had hacked the ship in order to capture IG-88MB. His crew aboard the ship was lost (with the exception of Sn’arf) but he managed to survive thanks to the efforts of the crew. He has given the crew a one time favor.


Poronai’s thoughts: Had a wierd and very threatening vision of him once, turned out to be a dumb little dance or something.

“He seems pretty cool for a space pirate captain, but I really wouldn’t know.” -Ju’era when asked about Captain Gideon

Captain Gideon

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