The Idiot's Array

Session 4/5/2017

Let's go Shopping!

So! In this short session, Karr Huuk drops off our crew at the Sheev’s Exalted Veil Resort and Spa to spend the night. The next morning they are told to visit Eucuse Lepus, at the Biscuit Baron that he owns. They meet Eucuse and he tells them that Wilfrus is planning a Black Tie Event. He gives the crew each a ticket and tells them of someone named Sluice Besnorx who has a Holographic Disguise Matrix they can use. Poronai Ka Xossh scarfed down a whole bunch of food in 15 seconds.

Mahn’Dor, IG-88 MB, and Zol Hazarous went to visit Sluice in his shop “Sluice’s Tech and Landspeeder”. In exchange for taking him to his homeworld, he gave them the device.

The crew then preceded to a shopping montage and we ended as they got back to the hotel.


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