The Idiot's Array

Session 4/2/2017

Mahn'dor Karr'Huuk

The Ship, after leaving the satellite of love, receives a message from Karr Huuk, Mahn’Dor’s brother. He asked them to come to Coruscant to help him out with something. Ju’era then set a course for Coruscant, but however had failed to properly enter the coordinates and ended up near the sun of the solar system. Ju’era managed to pull the ship away, but not quick enough for the heat to affect the ship. The engine was damaged due to heat, and the glue keep the ship together was coming undone. Zol Hazarous attempted to fix the engine but could only make the ship come in for a glide. Ju’era and Mahn Dor set the ship down onto the ground with the help of emergency services.

Since the ship has no insurance, the Emergency Team impounded the ship, until they could work out payment. The Crew set out to find to find Karr Huuk in the crowded city. They took Public transportation. While aboard the shuttle, IG-88 MB decided he didn’t like this sketchy guy on the ship, and proceeded to throw him out the window. Ju’era managed to calm everyone down by convincing them that IG-88MB was the real IG-88 and he had just stopped a bad guy.

When they arrived to meet Karr Huuk, Karr had offered to buy them dinner at a very fancy restaurant. He told him the crew that he was now an assistant to a poweful rodian senator. He told the crew he need help with Mahn’dor’s old boss Wilfrus. Wilfrus seems to be messing with Karr’Huuk’s boss and seems to be trying to setup something mischievous. He asked them to look into it and stop it if they can. We end with a nice dinner.


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