The Idiot's Array

Session 2/22/2017

It's Casino Night and The time is right!

The Heist is on! The Crew has been entered in 4 different competitions! Poronai Ka Xossh is slicing up the competition in the Pit Fight! Mahn’Dor is rolling alongin the Hintaro Tournament along with Sn’arf! IG-88 MB is ready to float like a Toydarian and Sting like a Nexu in the Annual Droid Shock Box Tournament! Meanwhile, Jaadoh is maintaining crowd control and keeping an ear out for trouble.

First Round and Poronai is up! She faces off against Gurg, the mighty Gammorean! After a fierce fight with swords, Poronai slices into Gurg and stabs his blade down into him!

IG-88 MB gears up for his first match and illegally shoots his competition with a still functional rapid fire machine gun, blowing up his opponent and being declared the victor due to default,

Mahn’dor and Sn’arf fight in the Hintaro tournament. Mahn’dor does so so and manages to stay in the tournament. Sn’arf does really well. Kier Beller fails to keep up and is elminated.

Guy Might Is snuck into Fidavor Satori’s office to begin the process. Fidavor receives a message from an Ezan Eon. Ju’era over hears this and runs to the setup area. Fidavor heads to his office and Guy Might is hiding under his desk. In Order to help him, IG-88 runs into the office and burns his eyebrows off and Guy Might manages to finish up the programs and runs out to the ship with IG.

Poronai then gears up for the next fight and wins an easy victory over Jull Foss.

Mahn’dor then does ok but manages to spot that Rennek is cheating and manages to get him out of the tournament.

Poronai then gears up for a finals match against the mysterious Blug Pond, a power armor wearing warrior. Poronai grabs 2 swords while Blug grabs a Vibro Axe. Poro gets in a few hits before Blug manages to bury the axe into Poro’s leg. Poro falls over, screams in pain and uses the force to push the Axe, a rock and Blug’s helmet away. When she removes Blug’s helmet, it’s revealed that Blug is actually Reta, having entered the tournament for unknown reasons.

Mahn’dor then competes to take out Sn’arf and Yodel. Sn’arf is out first. And then a long back and forth happens between Yodel and Mahn’dor. Eventually Mahn’dor wins with the best roll in the game!

Ju’era then ends the night with her soulful dance using her emotions to fuel her drive. She manages to take home the gold.


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