The Idiot's Array


Hot night in the city!

The Crew managed to escape from the balcony by getting a ride from Karr Huuk. While flying away, The crew’s speeder was shot at by Wilfrus’s men. The crew managed to take the speeder down, but they were shot down in the process. They landed on the roof of the Department of Repulsor Vehicles. They meet a stormtrooper who let them in and sold Mahn’Dor some death sticks. They sneak their way out and meet up with Rez, and IG-88, each who took a speeder and bike. They make they’re back to the hotel and rest. In the next few hours, thugs came to their doors and tried to attack them, but ended up fleeing. They call Kar Huuk and head to his “house”, which turns out to be a trap. When more thugs confront them, they burn most alive, shot one, stab one thru the neck and break one’s knee open. They find out it was the Senator that sent the thugs, and the crew intends to pay a visit.

15 XP awarded


setprower setprower

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