The Idiot's Array


Irate, Mad, Annoyed, Cross, Vexed, Irritated

At the party, Mahn’Dor and Zol Hazarous are at the gambling table with Wilfrus, a Karkardon, and an Imperial Officer. Mahn’Dor and Zol convinced Wilfrus to make a simple bet of 1 crates of Insurants for a fancy shuttle. Wilfrus spilled a milkshake off the table and asked IG-88 MB to pick it up. IG proceeded to grab the glass and break it in front of Wilfrus, who then asked to guard to take him away. IG proceeded to knock that man over and then repeatedly punched that man in the face. Zol noticed that IG chestpiece was malfunctioning and it caused him to be inactive. Poro grabbed IG and dragged him outside. Ju’era (Gah’Eju’Era) convinced the party that he was IG-88 the bounty hunter. The party calmed down. IG-88 and Poro later came back in and IG gave a fake apology. Mahn’dor and Zol won the first round of their bet, and Wilfrus asked to raise the stakes. They won again and again until Wilfrus had lost 2 of his shares in his businesses. Wilfrus attempted to grab Mahn’dor and threaten him into gambling again, and when Mahn’dor refused to gamble,Wilfrus sent the guard after them. Mahn’dor, Zol and IG-88 attempted run but only IG succedded but grab Mahn’dor. Mahn’dor’s disguise matrix shorted and revealed himself. Wilfrus, in a rage, ordered the guards to kill him. Zol took advantage of this and threw all the guards down while making his escape. The whole crew reached the balcony but were stuck without a speeder. IG made a leap of the building. Meanwhile, the Imperial Officer walked out a window, made some vague threats and left. We leave our crew, on the balcony with Imperials and Karr’Huuk on their way.


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