The Idiot's Array


No more honest game then Gambling

The Crew head off to the party, all well dressed in their new fancy outfits. Mahn’Dor used the holographic disguise matrix to disguise himself as a human. (HuMahn’Dor). Upon getting in Ju’era (Gah’Eju’Era) used her charms to trick people into thinking she was a celebrity. The crew entered the party. Mahn’dor and Zol Hazarous headed over to the gambling table to start their plan of taking the money away from Wilfrus. Here they met a Karkarodon named Aphra, and a male blind Imperial officer. Ju’era got Wilfrus drunk and her self in the process. She then did a hand stand in a dress with no bottoms on. The Imperial officer and Poronai Ka Xossh had a quick conversation where he let her know that he knew mahn dor was hiding.


setprower setprower

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